My main focus is serving my portrait and horse show clients to the absolute best of my ability. However, if i have extra time, and there are horses involved, I probably can't stay away!

Just drop me a note with details of your event and I'll send you a no-obligation custom quote!

Will you photograph my clinic, inspection, special event, or mare & foal? 

You want your horse to look his or her absolute best, so I recommend show-level grooming: bath, clipping, well-groomed or braided mane (personal preference!), and polished hooves.

You will also want to ride and/or longe your horse the day of the shoot so we don't have to deal with excess energy. Relaxed horses look best in photos.

Upon booking you will receive a preparation magazine in the mail with everything you need to know!

how do i prepare my horse? 

I use all natural light, so your barn layout is important. The ideal situation is a standard breezeway barn with doors that be closed on one side (so the light only comes in from one side). However, I can make other situations work, so send me pictures of your barn and I'll see what I can do!

what kind of setup is required for equine portraits? 

I get it: WAITING FOR PHOTOS IS HARD. I pride myself on delivering most galleries within three weeks, and I will let you know at the time of your session when you can expect yours!

how long will it take to get my photo gallery? 

Professional, fine art quality prints and canvases in a variety of sizes are available to buy either straight from your online gallery or via phone or in-person consultation with me. Small prints start at $15, the largest canvas I offer (larger than life!) is $1200, and there are many options in between. See full product price list here!

You are also welcome to print your images as you wish - many clients have been satisfied with prints from and I do not recommend economy labs (i.e. Walgreens, Costco) as the quality varies significantly from location to location and even from day to day. 

If you chose to purchase art through my professional lab, I take care of all the details for you and do a quality check before delivering to you. I cannot guarantee the quality of any print or or product not ordered through me. 💜


All sessions except the "mini" session include fully edited high resolution digital files delivered in a beautiful online gallery. The number of photos vary by type of session and your specific package - see the PACKAGES page for details.

what does the session fee cover?

Frequently Asked Questions

what do i wear?

I'll send you a style and preparation guide in the mail, and you can see a blog post about this topic here

In addition, I have fancy clothes for you to borrow! Ask me about my client closet, a curated selection of gowns, tops, and skirts available for your use! 


The first step is just a simple hello! 

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