Monique & Clavius – Laguna Niguel

January 14, 2021

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Meet Monique & Clavius! Clavius is a dreamboat: tall, dark, and handsome with four white socks, a big blaze face and adorable pink muzzle.

Monique is an amateur jumper rider who has been leasing Clavius and wanted photos to commemorate their time together before the lease ended. They are a beautiful pair and I’m obsessed with how the photos turned out! ?

Clavius was a perfect model, with ears up assistance from Monique’s husband Matt who never ran out of antics that Clavius found highly entertaining!

This burgundy dress though… ???

Clavius took the opportunity to show me all his favorite facial expressions, and since he’s a perfect angel horse he got to go bridle-less!

I thought I was in love with the burgundy dress; then I saw the white one! ???

⬆️ The dapples, the willow tree, Monique’s expression… all perfection.

Thank you Clavius, Monique, and Matt for an amazing session! ❤️❤️❤️

More information about Horse & Rider Sessions here!

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