What to Wear to Your Horse & Rider Session ???

February 25, 2021

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By far the most common question I’m asked anytime I’m planning to photograph a human is “what do I wear?” often combined with a look of complete bewilderment!

Horses are easy. They look great naked and can be black tie event-ready with only a well-fitting bridle and some hoof polish.

People aren’t quite as easy to dress as horses, but here are my five favorite categories of outfits to give you ideas for your session!

1. Show Ring Glam

Show ring glam means your best riding outfit, but with beautiful hair and makeup. No helmet hair here! Consider pairing your breeches and boots with a fancier blouse for an elegant twist on this look.

As an added bonus, with your boots and breeches on you’re ready to mount up for a few shots if desired!

2. Cowgirl Cool

Whether you ride English or Western, cowgirl-inspired is always a great look paired with a horse. Cowboy boots, fringe, a belt buckle, or a western hat is all you need to get that cowgirl attitude going.

Cowgirl Cool even works with a dressage bridle! You seriously can’t go wrong with cowgirl.

3. Casual Cute

Casual cute is the most common category, and the sky is the limit! It’s exactly what it sounds like: an outfit you love that you feel great in that’s not too formal.

4. Black Tie Ready

Is there any “real life” situation in which you would wear a formal gown to the barn? Probably not. But what I love about photo sessions is that they’re not restricted to real life! Sometimes the most “unrealistic” outfits make for the most amazing photos. So get that gown out from the back of your closet (or ask me about my client closet; complimentary for you to use)!

5. Special Interests

If you’re one of those rare equestrians that does not spend 100% of her time at the barn, you can combine your other hobbies with your horse & rider shoot if you’d like! Or, if you’re graduating, go for that classic cap and gown shot, but on horseback!

There really aren’t any rules or limitations for your shoot, but most client outfits fit roughly into the categories above, with beautiful results.

Have an idea I didn’t think of? Drop me a line and tell me about it! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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