Maryam & Crew ????

March 26, 2021

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Adult amateur rider Maryam is lucky enough to have four handsome geldings, and I was lucky enough to meet them all over two sessions recently!

First half of the posse! Capone and Fin
Maryam, Fin & Capone are in training with Natasha Traurig at Caballos Del Mar in Encinitas
Caballos Del Mar is perfect for photos!
Maryam has an amazing ability to stay calm and serene even when the boys are being goofy!
This is Fin, he was 100% perfect for our session.
So sweet I can’t even!

Next up we went to San Juan Capistrano where Maryam’s other two geldings have lease riders. Another chestnut and another grey!

This is Cassal. He’s extremely handsome.
I love his coat and mane color!
Cassal is a total goofball and wins the award for most mischievous. He thought grabbing Maryam’s jacket was hilarious!

Last but not least, Cappy is a big sweetheart! ⬇️

Cappy has the kindest eye! And Maryam is perfect as always.

Thank you Maryam for introducing me to your four boys! I love these photos SO, SO MUCH!

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